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The world's 1st alibi agency is networked across all continents and helps people across all borders to gain more freedom and privacy.

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The Alibi Network is represented nationwide in the USA and has over 2700 co-workers and more than 300 companies that provide watertight solutions.

Want to lead a double life? We make it possible!

Admittedly, the title of this article might sound a little too simple. All the same, it expresses part of what we can do for you. But let's summarize. We are an alibi agency that can get you out of any complicated life situation at any time.

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We will take care of any legal request. If you want to trick someone or get revenge for some kind of offense, we have the ideal solution for you. It should go without saying, but just to reassure you: We don't break any laws, of course. Everything we do is 100 percent legal. Through the worldwide Alibi Network we help men and women all over the globe.

How exactly does the Alibi Network work?

You're probably wondering at this point how we can make things like a double life or a coordinated act of revenge possible. The reason for this is quite simple: We have a huge worldwide network.

The history: Stefan Eiben founded the Alibi Network in Germany in 1999, which is led by Tom Kaules in the USA. A total of 2700 freelancers work with us in various functions worldwide. Plus, we have partnerships with a total of 300 partner companies, spread all over the globe. Thus, we can give you a perfect alibi for every case and in every situation.

Our numerous satisfied customers from more than 100 different countries prove that we do our job well. Therefore, we can proudly say that we can and will help you with any problem if you let us.

We operate in a coordinated manner from various countries. Our main headquarters are in the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain, among others.

Through the international network, presumed business appointments can also be arranged abroad to explain a longer absence. Fake plane tickets, years of double life, calls from the secretary and lies of all kinds. The trick, however, is that these are backed up by real evidence, companies, and actors. We help everyone out of trouble, save relationships, and provide more freedom and less trouble.

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You need a perfect alibi? No problem!

The word alibi might make you think of a crime movie, but that's not what it means. However, we can provide you with a watertight alibi for any embarrassing or unpleasant situation. Let's just imagine the following scenario:

You're on a business trip and go out for a drink in the evening after meetings with your colleagues. The mood is good, and you might drink a little more than you initially planned. Suddenly you notice how the nice barmaid smiles at you, and you strike up a conversation. The two of you get along well and finally end up in bed.

Overall, this sounds like a great and successful evening with a lot of fun and an exuberant atmosphere. But it hits you hard the next morning when you realize that you have just cheated on your wife, who now wants to know via WhatsApp why you didn't write her last night. You can't think of a suitable excuse, and you fear that you made the mistake of your life.

Don't worry, we can put your mind at ease. We'll be happy to help you find an excuse and provide you with the ideal alibi. But what exactly does it involve?

The Alibi Network is represented worldwide. For example, are you in Switzerland and need an alibi from the USA or Dubai? Do you need someone to carry out an assignment abroad? That's exactly what we're here for.

Alibi Service

Alibi Network: EXCUSES & SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY SITUATION. A large number of partner companies to choose from and over 2700 freelancers help create the perfect alibi.

Represented worldwide

Our services are available in German, English, and Spanish. This allows us to serve almost any request worldwide in the constantly growing Alibi Network.

A simple excuse would be much too cheap and would certainly be seen through. A watertight alibi must be so good that no doubts are raised about the story. For this we use our finesse on the one hand and of course, our numerous contacts. So, your little slip will remain your secret and your marriage will survive.

Need an impromptu alibi girlfriend for an evening? Among our numerous freelancers, we also have some very talented actors and actresses who can take on different roles, enriching your life or making that of your enemies harder.

For example, you can even hire a girlfriend for an evening at your discretion. You can choose her according to your personal preferences. Should your new girlfriend be a doctor, for example, or a successful lawyer? Whatever it is, we offer it to you. 

To give you a better idea of the extent of the service, here's a little example for you. Let's say that your ex-girlfriend broke up with you a few weeks ago. While it was the worst time of your life for you, she had someone else the very next day. The pain is unbearable, and anger is building up inside you. To make matters worse, you have the same circle of friends. 

So now a friend of yours invites you to his birthday party. You know that your ex-girlfriend will come with her new boyfriend. So, you want to turn the tables and show her that you have also found a new woman. 

This is where our numerous actresses come into play - convincing, charming and intelligent. Your ex-girlfriend’s jealousy is practically pre-programmed, and you get your deserved revenge for what she did to you. 

Anonymity is important to you? Then you get it from us!

Sometimes you just don't want your private or professional environment to know what you are doing. You may want to go on vacation or simply book a private hotel room. But the credit card statement would show where you were and for how long.

Are you doing a job you don't want anyone to know about? Then we provide a clean slate.

If you just need a break, we can easily get it for you. Our alibi service also gives you the opportunity to travel around the world completely anonymously. 

This allows you to calmly pursue the things you've wanted for a long time. Alibis, as well as any coordination will be taken care of by us with pleasure. You don't have to worry about anything and just enjoy your well-deserved time off. 

A special service is to deliver anonymous revenge actions, the termination of relationships, or messages after death.

Do you want the most exciting job in the world? We have many orders to place in the USA. Now you, the reader, have gained an insight into the scope of our work, even if it is still quite small at the moment. In principle, however, it would probably be more likely for us to fill a whole book with what we do. 

But as you can imagine, a service like ours requires one thing above all: good, absolutely reliable, and ambitious employees. And that's where you might come in. Maybe you would also like to expand our portfolio of possibilities with your creativity?

At the moment, we are still looking for employees for our unique service who are interested in a job where you have to think outside the box. Free spirits and committed minds are exactly what we need and love with our company.

So, if you think that you are ideal for our team and are absolutely discreet and reliable, then we invite you to apply for a position with us now - not just for a position on the most exciting team in the world but also for the hottest job in the world at


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Stefan Eiben founded the world's first alibi agency in Northern Germany in 1999.

The experienced Alibi Network of alibi managers for double lives, alibis, and more privacy. We operate across the United States. For example in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio and San Diego

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